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Are Brown Trout Good to Eat?

Brown trout are good to eat, but they have a very strong fishy flavour which may not be to everyone’s taste.

This post is all about eating brown trout. It includes information about the flavour and nutritional value of brown trout, as well as some tasty brown trout recipes!

Are Brown Trout Good to Eat?
Brown trout – Image source: Canva

Are Brown Trout Good to Eat?

Brown trout is not only tasty with a strong flavour, but its also extremely nutritious, with high amounts of healthy oils and B vitamins.

Taste of Brown Trout

Brown trout has a strong fishy flavour. The larger the brown trout, the stronger, the flavour will be. The flavour is also influenced by the environment that the trout lives in, and what it feeds on.

Brown trout normally eat small fish, or crustaceans. It’s been said that the tastiest brown trout are those that live in estuaries and feed on crabs.

Texture of Brown Trout

Brown trout is a very oily fish. It is extremely flaky when it’s cooked, and can be delicate if it has been soaked overnight in milk.

The meat is usually a deep red colour, but this can vary. Usually the darker the colour, the stronger the taste.

Tip: Soaking brown trout in milk overnight will make the fishy flavour milder. It will also help to draw out the oil and tenderise the meat.

Nutritional Value of Brown Trout

In Turkey, Brown trout is one of the most popular fish species to eat, due to its high nutritional value.

One study from 2020 found that brown trout contained more healthy fish oils (EPA and DHA) than salmon.

Brown trout also contains selenium, iron, iodine, calcium, vitamin A, D and B12, as well as high amounts of protein. More detail about the nutritional value of brown trout can be seen in the table below.

Nutrition 1 Fillet of Brown Trout
Vitamin A 1% 1%
Calcium 3% 3%
Thiamin 18% 18%
Vitamin B6 7%
Niacin 18%
Phosphorus 19%
Copper 7%
Vitamin C 1%
Iron 7%
Riboflavin 15%
Vitamin B12 77%
Magnesium 4%
Zinc 4%
Pantothenic Acid 14%

Do Rainbow and Brown Trout Taste the Same?

Brown trout and rainbow trout do not taste the same to eat.

The flavour of rainbow trout is much milder compared to brown trout, and has a more nutty taste. Rainbow trout also has a different texture than brown trout and is less flaky when cooked.

Do Rainbow and Brown Trout Taste the Same?
Cooked rainbow trout – Image source: Canva

Can you eat Brown River Trout?

You should be cautious about eating brown river trout. There could be pollution, sewage or heavy metals in the river or on the river bed. These contaminants could be passed onto the brown trout, making them unsafe to eat.

Also, if you are fishing in the river Wandle, or anywhere in the Thames byelaw area, you cannot take brown trout that are less than 25cm (from the snout to the tail).

Are Brown Trout Good to Eat?
Cooked brown trout – Image source: Canva

Brown Trout Recipes

Brown trout pairs well with citrus, garlic, and chilli. Since it’s a strongly flavoured fish, it also goes well with punchy flavours like paprika.

Brown trout are the ideal size to bake whole wrapped in tin foil. You can also barbecue them or smoke them.

You may wish to try the following recipes to cook your brown trout:

Thank you for Reading my Post

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