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Welcome to the River Wandle in South London

The River Wandle is a tributary of the River Thames, and one of the only rivers in London that remains almost entirely above ground. Explore below to find out what the Wandle Valley offers visitors and residents.

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River Wandle Fishing

Once heavily polluted by industry, the Wandle has undergone major restoration work to clean up the water and restore its wildlife.  Today it is a popular place for anglers, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking a peaceful escape from city life. 

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Thanks to ongoing conservation efforts, the River Wandle has become an important wildlife corridor in the heart of South London. The articles below offer a closer look at the diverse range of species that make the Wandle their home.

Map Showing the Course of the River Wandle

The River Wandle in Earlsfield

river wandle

Points of Interest

The river Wandle is more than just a waterway – it’s also a treasure trove of beautiful nature reserves and fascinating historical landmarks. In the following articles, you can learn more about the many sights and sounds of the River Wandle.

Where Does the River Wandle Flow?

The river Wandle flows from Croydon and Carshalton to Wandsworth, where it meets the river Thames. Along the way, it passes through several towns with interesting histories and attractions. Explore below to find out more about the towns that the River Wandle flows through.

Colliers Wood

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