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The River Wandle

This page is your go-to resource for everything you need to know about the river Wandle. You will find information about the best places to stop along the river, and insights into the plants and wildlife that live along its banks. There is also information here about the river’s rich history, and past uses, as well as some intriguing and quirky facts, that make the River Wandle a truly remarkable waterway.

Points of Interest Along the Wandle Trail

Discover all the points of interest along the Wandle Trail from the Ram Brewery in Wandsworth Town, to the Honeywood Museum in Carshalton.

Fishing in the River Wandle

If you are interested in fishing in the river, make sure you read my complete guide to fishing in the river Wandle before you get started.


Discover some fun facts and information about the wildlife that lives around the river Wandle.


The posts below will help you to identify some of the plants you might spot around the river.

History of the River Wandle

Discover what the river Wandle has been used for throughout history, as well as how it got its name.


Below you will find some facts and information about the river Wandle, and the Wandle Trail.

Events on the Wandle