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Morden Hall Park Walk – A Place to Enjoy the River Wandle

Morden Hall Park is one of the points along the Wandle Trail, and a popular place to go for a walk, look for wildlife, and enjoy the river Wandle.

The park is 125 acres in total, and contains different landscapes including wetland, meadows, open parkland, and formal plantings.

It’s easily accessible on public transport, being only a short walk from Morden tube station on the northern line, and Morden Road and Phipps Bridge tram stops on the Tramlink.

This post contains everything you need to know about visiting Morden Hall Park including a map and opening hours, as well as points of interest in the park.

Morden Hall Park Walk
Photograph by Olivia Herlihy

Morden Hall Park Walk

Morden Hall Park Opening Times

Morden Hall Park is open every day from 9am-5pm. Please note, if you are planning on walking the Wandle Trail, you won’t be able to follow the path through Morden Hall Park outside of these hours.

The park is closed all day on Christmas day and boxing day, and closes an hour early on Christmas eve.

Morden Hall Park Map

Morden Hall Park Map
Photograph by Olivia Herlihy

History of Morden Hall Park

Morden Hall Park was once a country estate supporting a mansion house. It was gifted to the National Trust in 1941 by Gilliat Edward Hatfeild.

Gilliat Edward Hatfeild’s father (also named Gilliat) was a wealthy snuff and tobacco manufacturer who owned the snuff mill in Morden. He bought Morden Hall from the Garth family in 1867, and turned the surrounding land into a park.

In old Ordinary Survey maps from the early 1900s, Morden Hall Park is marked as a “deer park” with a tree-lined carriage driveway. This tree-line driveway still survives in the park today as a central feature.

During the first world war, Morden Hall and its grounds were used as a military hospital for soldiers, and later as a hospital run by the Salvation Army.

The park and house were both gifted to the National Trust in 1941 when Gilliat Edward Hatfeild died. Hatfeild was known as a philanthropic man who wanted the local community to benefit from his estate.

Morden Hall Park
Morden Hall Park: Photograph by Olivia Herlihy

Many of Hatfield’s estate buildings still survive today including lodges for his estate managers, and the mill manager’s cottage. You can also see the snuff mill, and stable block.

Snuff Mill

Morden Hall Park was once the site of one of the snuff mills on the river Wandle. Within the park you can still see a conserved waterwheel which shows what it may have looked like 200 years ago, when the snuff mill was still working.

Snuff Mill
Snuff Mill in Morden Hall Park: Photograph by Olivia Herlihy

The waterwheel within Morden Hall Park was one of two wheels which were used to drive machinery in the snuff mill. At the start of the second world war the machinery from the mill was removed, due to the need for scrap metal. As a result of this, the waterwheel is no longer able to turn.

The closest working waterwheel to Morden Hall Park is at Merton Abbey Mills.

Snuff Mill
Snuff Mill in Morden Hall Park: Photograph by Olivia Herlihy

Next to the site of the old snuff mill is Mill Cottage which was home to the mill foreman, Mr Groves. The building next to it provided basic accommodation for the estate workers.

Snuff Mill
Mill Cottage in Morden Hall Park: Photograph by Olivia Herlihy


Opposite the old snuff mill you will find the stable block. The stableyard contains temporary exhibitions and a second hand book shop which is open between 10am-3pm.

Rose Garden

The rose garden was originally planted by Gilliat Hatfeild junior in 1921. The rose garden was the only major alteration that Gilliat Edward Hatfeild made to his father’s deer park. It is two and a half acres, and divided into two halves which are separated by a small stream from the river Wandle.

Gilliat Edward Hatfeild lived the life of a country bachelor in Morden Cottage rather than Morden Hall. He was often seen out deadheading in the rose garden, which was his favourite part of the park.

Rose Garden in Morden Hall Park
Rose Garden in Morden Hall Park: Photograph by Olivia Herlihy


A boardwalk was built to improve access to the wetland at Morden Hall Park, and allow visitors to see wildlife and wetland plants up close.

The wetland habitat is rich in wildlife including kingfishers, herons, snipe, frogs, dragonflies, and a variety of plants such as flag irises, sedges and marestail.

Wetland in Morden Hall Park: Photograph by Olivia Herlihy

Garden Centre

The garden centre in Morden Hall Park is the first in the National Trust. It stocks plants grown by the National Trust, gardening tools and gifts. All profits made from the garden centre go back to Morden Hall Park and the National Trust. It is open daily from 10am-4pm.

Morden Hall Park
Morden Hall Park: Photograph by Olivia Herlihy


Morden Hall Park has two cafes: the Potting Shed Cafe and the Stableyard Cafe.

  • The Potting Shed Cafe – Open every day and serves hot food, snacks and drinks.
  • The Stableyard Cafe – Open at the weekends and sells sandwiches, cakes drinks, and sometimes ice cream.
Morden Hall Park
Morden Hall Park: Photograph by Olivia Herlihy

Following the Wandle Trail

Morden Hall Park is in between Ravensbury Park and Deen City Farm on the Wandle Trail.

If you are following the path from Ravensbury Park, you will come out onto Morden Road. From this point the Wandle Trail follows the road to the right. The gate to Morden Hall Park is immediately before the Surrey Arms pub. Once you enter the park, follow the avenue of lime and horse chestnut trees.

If you are following the path upstream from Deen City Farm, you will reach Morden Hall Park after you cross over the former Wimbledon to Croydon railway line, which is now the Tramlink.

A place where you can paddle in the River Wandle in Morden Hall Park
A place where you can paddle in the River Wandle in Morden Hall Park: Photograph by Olivia Herlihy

FAQ About Walking in Morden Hall Park

Is Morden Hall Park free?

Yes, Morden Hall Park is free and open all year round apart from Christmas day and Boxing day.

Can dogs go to Morden Hall Park?

Yes, dogs are allowed in all areas of the park, but in certain places they must be kept on a lead. These areas include the rose garden, stableyard, snuff mill, cafes, garden centre, around the adventure play area, on the wetland boardwalk and in the garden centre. Only assistance dogs are allowed in the Potting Shed café.

Can you swim at Morden Hall Park?

It is not recommended that you try to swim anywhere in the river Wandle, for safety reasons. In Morden Hall Park there are shallow streams where you can paddle on hot days, but be aware that the water may not be clean. There have been reports of sewage leaking into the river Wandle in recent years, and heavy metals on the river bed from former factories that once operated there.

What time does Morden Hall open?

Morden Hall Park opens at 9am, but if you want to visit Morden Hall you will need to book an appointment to be shown around. Morden Hall is a popular venue for weddings and other private events.

Morden Hall Park Fishing

If you want to go fishing in Morden Hall Park, you will need to become a member of The Wandle Piscators. For information about where you can fish along the river Wandle, check out my River Wandle Fishing Guide.

Parking Near Morden Hall Park

Morden Hall Park has a car park next to the garden centre which is open from 9am-5pm. All National Trust Members can park for free, and other visitors get the first one and a half hours for free.

Become a Member of the National Trust

Morden Hall Park is managed by the National Trust. One of the best ways to support the park is to become a member of the National Trust. Membership gives you free access to hundreds of properties across the UK.

Former Events at Morden Hall Park

Morden Hall Park run events throughout the year, including activities for children. In the past they have had Halloween events, Christmas activities like a Santa’s grotto, an Easter egg hunt, and open air cinema.

The Antiques Road Show was filmed in Morden Hall Park in August 2021, and the park hosted the Morden Park Country Fair in 2019.

Morden Hall Park is also advertised as a great place for stargazing, although the park closes at 5pm.

This post was about the Morden Hall Park Walk

Thank you for reading my post about going for a walk in Morden Hall Park. If you have visited the park please leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Morden Hall Park is one of the many beautiful green spaces in South London. It is a National Trust property found off Morden Hall Road, with 30 minute journey time from central London.

This historic park, once owned by the Hatfeild family, is a great place for a local walk or to simply sit near the banks of the river Wandle.