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Join the Wandle Trail Whatsapp Group

I walk along the Wandle Trail regularly and have at times felt worried that parts of the trail are quite isolated. I wanted to set up a Whatsapp Group for people who walk, jog or cycle along the Wandle Trail, so that anyone who was alone would feel more comfortable knowing that others were around.

There are more details about the group below, or click here to join now!

whatsapp group

About the Wandle Trail Community Whatsapp Group

The aim of the WhatsApp group is to create a community for everyone who loves the Wandle Trail.

Who the Group is For

  • Walkers and cyclists who want to know trail conditions and closures
  • Any Joggers looking for running buddies
  • Nature enthusiasts who want to share wildlife photos
  • Anyone who wants to feel safer by knowing others are around
  • Local business owners along the trail who want to promote an event
  • Anyone interested in river cleanups

Why Join Us?

The Wandle Trail can be a peaceful but sometimes isolated place. By joining the Whatsapp group, you can feel safer knowing others are around. It’s also a great way to stay informed about the trail, meet new friends, and share your wildlife encounters!

How to Join the Group

Join us and become part of a supportive and active community dedicated to enjoying and preserving the Wandle Trail.