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The Wandle Trail Re-Opens in Merton – April 2023

Following recent works to enhance safety and create more habitats for wildlife, the Wandle Trail has now reopened!

The trees that were overhanging the path have been completely cut back, making it safer for cyclists and joggers, who will now have a clear line of sight between lamp posts.

The area where the work took place is shown on the map below. There was also some further work carried out from the intersections on Chaucer Way up to Waterside Way.

What Improvements Were Made to the Wandle Trail?

Below is a list of some of the improvements made by the council to the riverside path.

  • Many trees were cut back which will allow more sunlight through. This will encourage wildflowers to grow.
  • The wood was re-purposed to make habitats for small mammals, bats, birds, frogs butterflies and moths.
  • Twenty two different species of tree were planted including Rowan, Cedar and Alder.
  • Owl and bird boxes have been installed along the trail.
  • Holes have been drilled into logs for bees to make their home.
  • Two large Scots Pines are still to be planted near Plough lane.

You can find out more about the recent work on the Wandle Trail in the video below.